Image: Pizza Hut

Every day in New York is Pizza Day judging from the Big Apple’s place in this recently published survey. But February 9 is the one day in the year when pizza is the meal of choice among deal-hungry Americans.

Here is where to get yours:

  • Chuck E. Cheese: Order one medium one-topping pizza with the order of any large one-topping pizza, and the smaller pie is on the house. The deal applies only to takeout.
  • Domino’s: The price of a three-topping pizza drops to $7.99 when you order online for  in-store pickup. The same deal applies to a 10-piece order of wings, though why would you want wings on National Pizza Day?
  • Little Caesar’s: A large three-topping pizza is yours for $6.99 when you order online. (A theme is beginning to emerge.)
  • Papa John’s: The chain will be unveiling its new one-topping stuffed-crust pizza for $12. The deal will remain active for the entire month of February.
  • Pizza Hut: To qualify for the promotion — which is $5 off on all orders over $25 — you need to sign up as a Rewards member, which means they are likely to hound you from now until doomsday.