Image: Jam Press

Some time back, we wrote about a restaurant in Indonesia decorated with swastikas and staffed by men clad in SS uniforms. Fortunately, human decency ultimately prevailed, and the restaurant succumbed to public pressure and closed.

Now it’s happened again, this time in Argentina. This time the eatery’s stock in trade is fast food, but no amount of cooking can erase the stench of bigotry behind such “jokes” as naming a hamburger after Holocaust victim Anne Frank or an order of fries after Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Again, happily, the restaurant has taken corrective action and eliminated the references to both the villain and victim on its menu, according to the Jam Press explains via the New York Post.

But that doesn’t excuse the harm done by such offensive gestures or the underlying sentiment, which was reflected closer to home last year in a message scrawled outside the Israeli restaurant Miriam on the Upper West Side.

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