Peeps Can Be Hazardous to Your Health; the Food Flags Are Flying

Peeps (Image: Just Born Quality Confections)

Say it ain’t so! In 2020, Just Born Quality Confections, the company that manufactures the marshmallowy confection known as “Peeps,” ceased production of the Easter perennial owing to the pandemic. This year, parents are being warned that the dyes used in selected flavors of the candy may be carcinogenic.

Michael Hansen, senior staff scientist for Consumer Reports, urges parents to use due diligence when shopping for the candy, selected flavors of which contain Red Dye 3, a coloring agent that has been linked to cancer. In a press release Hansen urges consumers to sign a petition calling on Just Born Quality Confections to stop using the agent, adding that “less risky alternatives are readily available.”

The article notes that the purple and pink Peeps are the chief culprits.

Stop the madness!

The Food Flags Are Flying

As the New York Times reminds us, there are generally two locations in New York where the flags of the 193 United Nations member states are continuously on display. One is outside the United Nations headquarters building. The other is the plaza at Rockefeller Center.

For much of the month of April, however, the flags in Rock Center will give way to banners that reflect the foods and restaurants of New York, from egg creams to pizza and everything in between.

Image: The Flag Project

The display is in collaboration with City Harvest, the world’s first and the city’s largest food rescue organization dedicated to feeding New Yorkers in need. The flags will be flying between now and Apr. 12 and again from Apr. 17 to the 30th.