One-Time Prodigy Flynn McGarry’s Restaurant Is Closing

Image: Gem

I might have been tempted to advise readers to play “We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenters while reading this post, but that’s a song about just starting out, and Flynn McGarry is far past that point in his still-young life. McGarry, who was 20 when he opened his restaurant Gem” on Forsyth Street five years ago, had already been cooking for nine years.

And now he has “an exciting announcement to share,” he informs us on Instagram. As you may have guessed, the restaurant is closing, although McGarry is already turning his thoughts to what comes next.

“The world of dining looks very different from when we first opened in 2018,” he writes, “and we want to think consciously about our role in it as we move forward. We have learned so much with this first version of Gem, and now it’s time to continue our evolution. Our next iteration is still in its early stages, but we’re looking forward to sharing the process with all of you!”

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