Omakase Goes Vegan

Watermelon nigiri, seaweed caviar, eggplant nigiri (Image: Omakaseed)

It was only a matter of time before some enterprising chef hit upon the idea of replacing the animal protein in traditional sushi with plants. Say hello to Omakaseed, whose name — a portmanteau of omakase and seed — tells all.

The restaurant, which opened last Wednesday in the Sanctuary Hotel near Times Square, is an outgrowth of the now-defunct Omakaseed at Plant Bar in NoMad. It is the latest chapter in the continuing story of SimpleVenue, the team behind the moderately priced Sushi By Bou.

In a city where omakase extravaganzas can run well into the hundreds of dollars per person, Omakaseed’s prices are refreshingly low. There are two tasting menus, one consisting of 11 courses for $60, the other comprised of 15 courses for $100.

Omakaseed, Sanctuary Hotel, 132 W. 47th Street, 347-997-1615 (text only).