Grape leave-wrapped grilled quail with bulgur, pine nuts, fried currents, and cinnamon

When you think of Turkish food, you probably don’t think of quail on a skewer, grilled tiger prawns, or bone marrow with short ribs and red-onion marmalade. Yet you’ll find all three, along with more predictable dishes, on the menu of recently opened Nar, whose self-professed goal, according to its website, is to serve “reimagined regional Turkish cuisine for New York City diners.”

The restaurant is conceptualized around the skill sets of its three owners. Andy E. Arkun, who also co-owns the restaurant Anatolia, brings experience to the mix, and Erhan Bahceci and Zeynep Tansung provide an intimate knowledge of Turkish ingredients. Bahceci co-owns a few locations of Amish Market here in the city.

Nar adheres to a farm-to-table ethic, sourcing its produce from the nearby Union Square Farmers Market and its proteins from Amish Country in Pennsylvania. It is also halal-certified.

Nar, 34 East 20th Street, 917-388-3195.