It’s National Pizza Month. Here’s Where in New York to Get Free Pie

Mmm, just like grandma made (assuming grandma is a robot). Image: Natural Machines

When we set out to write this post, we had hoped to include New York’s most venerable pizza emporia. After all, when it comes to pizza, the Big Apple is the promised land. If you can’t get great pizza there, you can’t get it anywhere.

Alas, the closest we could get to a New York pizzeria that satisfies the requirements of the feature — viz., free pizza — was Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn. There, every Monday throughout the month of October (aka, National Pizza Month), you can get a 16-inch traditional cheese pizzas for $10, a $6 savings off the normal price.

If you’re of a mind that New York pizza is not the only game in town (communist!), consider Pizza Hut. The chain whose slogan for years was “Making it great” will be making it free every day in October. For a chance to win (you knew there had to be a catch!) a $20 Pizza Hut e-Gift Card prize, which should cover a large pepperoni pie, visit the chain’s subreddit at r/Random_Acts_of_Pizza and follow the daily prompts, which include questions like “What’s your favorite pizza topping?” Winners are chosen at random.

Keep it under your hat, but, you can eat free pizza daily if you know where to look. Apple Eats’s Maggie Whitfield knows where to look, as she revealed in September 2017 when she alerted readers to the existence of the Crocodile Lounge (325 E 14th Street, 212-477-7747), where you can get a hot, freshly made personal pizza for the price of a beer. (OK, it’s not “free” per se, but who eats pizza without a glass of the suds?). If you live in Brooklyn, no sweat. Crocodile has a sister bar, the Alligator Lounge, in Williamsburg (600 Metropolitan Avenue, 718-599-4440.