Image: Candy Warehouse

These days, Hershey — maker of Reese’s peanut cups — seems to be making headlines fairly often … and for all the wrong reasons. Last October, the candy company was sued for deceptive advertising by a woman who claimed the image of carved chocolate pumpkins on the product’s packaging made it appear that that was how the candy would look.

Now comes the complaint on social media that Hershey’s pink heart-shaped peanut butter cups don’t quite suggest the image of a heart. Rather, critics of the Valentine’s Day-themed candy maintain, they resemble another part of the anatomy. But in this case, there is some disagreement about which body part people see. Some say when the confection is turned upside down, they see dangling scrotum. Others insist it is butt cheeks. Still others say they see breasts. (I’d hate to hear what these people see when they gaze up at a cloud drifting by.)

Image: Facebook

As for Hershey, maybe it’s time for them to desist from selling holiday-themed versions of their peanut butter cups, which are America’s most popular candy.

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