German Brewery Pairs with Bakers To Use Surplus Beer in Bread

Spent grain bread (Image: YouTube screen grab)

That myth you may have heard that eating a poppy seed bagel or slice of poppy seeded pound cake can result in a positive test for opioids is no myth, according to Mythbusters.

But can eating a slice of Treberbrot, or “spent grain bread,” make you appear to be an alcoholic? I don’t know, but the bread, ordinarily made with leftover grains from the brewing process, is a hit in Duesseldorf, Germany’s bakeries. “It’s a very hearty, tasty bread with a crispy baked crust and a soft middle,” one baker is quoted as saying by the Associated Press.

An updated recipe for the bread was the happy result of pandemic-related misfortune. The closure of bars and restaurants all over the city left a local brewery with 1,585 excess gallons of its “Altbier” on its hands. To complicate matters, the beer was nearing its expiration date.

Then Fuechschen Brewery hit upon an idea. Instead of pouring the golden ale down the drain, they began sending it to area bakeries, urging them to use it in place of water in their bread recipe.

News of the “new” beer spent grain bread is spreading all over Germany. It is being sold for $4.65 a loaf, and  each purchase includes a fresh bottle of Fuechschen Altbier.