The name of a line of cat foods? A photo of two furry felines eating? The words for humans in the headline? Can it all point to a cat food-based meal for people?

No, but it comes close. On Aug. 7, Madison Square Park will be the setting for an event called “Fête du Feline by Fancy Feast,” which is further described as an “exquisite celebration of all things cat and culinary.” Although participants at this “Grand Tasting” will not be served cat food straight out of the tin, they will be within striking distance. Andrew Rea, host of “Babish Culinary Universe” on the YouTube Cooking channel, will be on hand to create a human version of Fancy Feast Gems, a layered paté with a halo of gravy, for them to sample. (Registration becomes available here at noon today, July 31.)

If you’re unable to score tickets for the “Grand Tasting,” stop by the park between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Aug. 8 for “cat-inspired activities, culinary offerings and special photo ops with the Fancy Feast white cat.”