Enjoy a Two-Course Dinner, Then Dissect a ‘Human Cadaver’

Image: Anatomy Lab Live

As Halloween approaches, we will have some macabre food- and restaurant-related recommendations to send your way. This might appear to be one of them, though the nightly doings at Dragons’ Den, an interactive pop-up to be broadcast on BBC in England, where participants take part in a two-course meal before embarking on the dissection of a lifelike albeit never-alive human corpse, has no relation to the witching hour.

The Mirror has more:

Attendees of the upcoming event in Cambridge will have a first-hand experience of chopping up VIVIT, weighing an impressive 18 stones [252 pounds] and unveiled by ITAE Group, a company specialized in organizing live anatomy events.

The chilling life-like cadaver aims to provide a ‘live’ human body dissection like never before.

The event will see a ‘live patient’ rushed through the crowd into the pod before being anaesthetised in a state of panic.

Why anyone would want to eat, then disembowel a human cadaver is beyond us. Then again, we never quite understood the attraction of Eternity Restaurant, in Ukraine, which makes its home in an outsize coffin.

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