Celeb Chefs Join Hands to Feed L.A. Fire Victims

Tom Colicchio (Image: YouTube screen grab via PBS News Hour)

The wild fires currently ravaging southern California are unprecedented in their size and ferocity. So far, the fires have claimed more than 100,000 acres of land, rendering more than 200,000 people homeless.

In the face of this calamity, three celebrity chefs — Tom Colicchio, José Andrés, and Hugh Acheson — have combined their resources to feed the thousands of displaced residents.

The humanitarian effort began with Chef Andrés, who is no stranger to good Samaritanism, having recently served more than three million meals in Puerto Rico. Now his nonprofit organization, World Central Kitchen, will be partnering with L.A. Kitchen to prepare free meals for Angelinos.

No sooner did New York Chef Tom Colicchio hear of the beneficent effort than he volunteered to fly out to Los Angeles to join Andrés. Colicchio has also crusaded against the 70 billion pounds of food wasted in the U.S. every year, taking his concerns to the highest levels of government.

Georgia-based Hugh Acheson, currently in California for a book tour, is also signing on to the noble effort.

Readers who would like to do their part can donate to World Central Kitchen.

(h/t Tasting Table)