Impossible Whopper (Image via Burger King)

First there was the Whopper. Then there was the Impossible Whopper. Now meet (meat?) the Sustainable Whopper, Burger King’s last best hope for saving the planet.

Forbes reports via Bloomberg News:

Burger King will begin selling Whoppers sourced from cows that are fed lemongrass, which cause them to belch out less methane (considered a greenhouse gas) and hence reduce the chain’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissionS. …

Lemongrass, a popular flavoring agent in Southeast Asian cuisine, reportedly has an effect on bovines similar to that of Beano on humans. According to BK’s scientists, the diet cuts down on emissions of methane, the gas produced during flatulence, by “approximately 33%.”

But not so fast, advises a more recent Forbes report which submits that the diet eliminates only 3% of the methane put out by cows. I would counter that 3% is better than nothing, though I’ll withhold judgment until I have had a chance to taste one of the new improved Whoppers.

Here, meantime, is the ad BK put out in July to advertise the new product.

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