Image: Island Oyster

If you didn’t believe summer had arrived, the current heat wave probably convinced you otherwise.

After a year of self-imposed solitary confinement, you may be looking for something a little more exciting than vegging out at home in front of the A/C. Instead, fight the heat by chowing down on some of the city’s cooler seafood-based delights.

Among those are the lobster Cobb salad at La Goulue, the French bistro that has held court on the Upper East Side for nearly half a century. The salad is rife with chunks of sweet Maine lobster bolstered by bacon, egg, avocado, and New York cheddar in a sprightly citrus vinaigrette.

At the newly opened Island Oyster, a short ferry ride from the mainland on Governor’s Island, you will find such lighter seafood-oriented fare as fish tacos and a classic New England lobster roll, plus a rich assortment of oysters on the half shell. The island is accessible by boat from both downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. Contact the restaurant for specifics.

You’ll want to wait until the mercury drops a few ticks before securing an outdoor table at Watermark, on Pier 15 at the Seaport, but in the meantime you can always chill on one of the frozen cocktails. The chunks of cod in the fish tacos are done in a Corona beer batter and joined by a refreshing citrus slaw, chipotle mayo and cilantro-avocado sauce.

The phrase market fresh takes on a whole new meaning when you order your fish at Lamias Fish Market in the East Village. Among the hot-weather edible diversions are both a salmon and tuna tartare, the last augmented by chunks of mango. Octopus lovers will find contentment in the chilled octopus cocktail.