Colachup (Image: Pepsi)

Hot dogs — check. Mustard — check. Relish — check. Colachup — huh?

Pepsi, Americans’ second most loved cola after Coke, is seeking an eventual place on your Fourth of July table — but not only as a beverage. Introducing Pepsi Colachup, the first new condiment to hit the market since Heinz released Mayochup (a blend of ketchup and mayo) in 2018.

Colachup, as its name implies, is essentially ketchup infused with the flavor of cola. In the hopes of lending the product pedigree, Pepsi is making no secret of the fact that it was developed in concert with the Culinary Institute of America.

The initial release of colachup will be for one day only — July 4 — and exclusively at four major league ballparks, including Yankee Stadium here in New York. If you are planning to be at the game that day, look for “sampling carts.”

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