Image: Smacking Burger

Did you know that there is one still-functional gas station below 14th Street in Manhattan? More to the point of a food column, did you know that there is a flattop grill inside the station’s convenience mart that is turning out some of the most talked-about burgers in the city?

The place answers to the name Smacking Burger, and it has been in business now for only a few weeks but the smashburgers it cranks out have become all the rage. There are six burger variations, which you can augment with an order of “Famous Fries” — topped with beef crumbles, American cheese, pickles, and “Smack sauce.”

Among the burger offerings, you will find “The Big Smack” ($8.99), which contains two patties, American cheese, shredded lettuce, and the aforementioned Smack sauce all crammed onto a Martin’s sesame-seeded potato bun.

The station is located on Eighth Avenue at Horatio Street.

Image: Google Maps

By the way, I don’t know if anyone orders a burger by saying “Smack me,” but if it catches on, remember, you saw it here first.