Sky’s the Limit

Image: SAGA

This is no restaurant for the nosebleed-inclined. It’s name is SAGA (an amalgam of the first letters of the names of the co-founders’ children, and what sets it apart from other restaurants with lofty ambitions is its sheer altitude. The restaurant is situated at the pinnacle of the skyscraper at 70 Pine Street, in the Financial District.

To be sure there have been other restaurant aeries before, but none to my knowledge that spill outside. SAGA’s cocktail lounge, one floor up from the dining room, does, occupying a wrap-around terrace. Make sure to hold on to your hat on windy days.

The cost of dining at SAGA is every bit as stratospheric as its location. A tasting menu will set you back $245 per person. The restaurant, scheduled to open this month, is still a little shy about menu particulars, but I’ll follow up as soon as the word’s out.

SAGA, 70 Pine Street, 212-339-3963.