Neat, not meat (Image: Neat Burger)

A few years ago, rumors were circulated that climate change champion Leonardo DiCaprio routinely arranged for pizza baked in New York to be airlifted to his home in California. Whether that was true or not, Nation’s Restaurant News reports that the actor was one of a team of high-profile strategic investors who ponied up $70 million to bring the first Neat Burger — a plant-based alternative that has taken off in the UK — to New York, where it opened in April.

What sets the Neat Burger apart from other meatless competitors for your burger dollar is its much-touted purity:

If old fashioned veggie burgers were the first generation of the plant-based movement, the arrival of the truly meat-like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat was the 2.0 version. Now Neat Burger … aims to bring a 3.0 iteration. …

Neat’s products are built around pea protein, quinoa, and fruit extracts as opposed to the the more chemical ingredients used in other meatless burgers. “That’s not saying what the others are doing is wrong, but it’s about what we do right,” Tommaso Chiabra, co-founder and CEO of Neat Food Co., is quoted as saying.

The cornerstone of the Neat menu is the Neat Burger, a double Neat Meat patty with cheese, grilled onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato, white onion, neat sauce, and stack sauce. Other offerings include a Chick-n Burger and a Filet-No-Fish.

The company anticipates opening at least three more brick-and-mortar locations by year’s end with another 10 to 15 outlets operating out of ghost kitchens for delivery or pickup only.

The currently operational stateside branch of the chain is located in Urbanspace at Stand 114, 230 Park Avenue.

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