Who’s Your (Plant) Daddy?

Image: Plant Daddy Plates

For those still in denial that the impact of plant-based foods on the American diet is real, say hello to the latest development: a line of frozen vegan comfort foods ready to be picked up or shipped to your door.

The offerings, marketed as Plant Daddy Plates, are single servings of homey favorites such as lasagna, bee’f bolognese, bee’f empanada, pink mac & cheeze, and chick’n quesadilla. All products are advertised as 100% vegan and low in FODMAP, an acronym for a group of short-chain carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed by the small intestine, leading to feelings of bloat and cramping.

The meals, which can be ordered via Tock can be delivered to your door through DoorDash or picked up at the company’s store in Williamsburg. The meals average around $10 a serving.

Plant Daddy Plates, 146 S. 4th Street, Brooklyn.