No, it wasn’t an unusually delicious beer that prompted a customer to leave a tip 429 times the cost of the brew. But that nevertheless is what a patron of Nighttown in Cleveland did on Sunday, according to the Associated Press.

The restaurant’s owner, Brendan Ring, chronicled his interaction with the customer on Facebook:

So just before we closed today at Nighttown a customer walked in and ordered a beer and asked for the check and handed his credit card slip to me , wished me well while we sit out our voluntary shutdown and told me to share the tip amongst the wait staff of which there were four working brunch today

As he walked out I looked down at the tip and realized he left a whopping $3000 tip on a single beer purchase

I ran after him and he said no mistake we will see you when you reopen!

Unbelievable but symbolic of the kind of quality folks we have know at Nighttown all these years

I could post his name but I won’t as I think he wouldn’t want that but all my waitstaff and myself and humbly grateful for this incredibly kind and grand gesture

Image: Facebook