Image: Courtesy of Campbells

Have you ever bit into a chocolate truffle at the end of a Thanksgiving dinner and said to yourself, “Needs soup”? If so, you’ll be delighted to learn that Campbell Soup Company has released a collection of truffle chocolates that capture the flavors of Thanksgiving side dishes.

The “Holiday Sides Collection,” created in collaboration with Phillip Ashley Chocolates, features six different flavors: Green Bean Casserole, Jalapeno Cheddar Mac and Cheese, Baked Corn Casserole, Hot Honey Sweet Potatoes, Fennel and Herb Stuffing, Everything Bagel Mashed Potatoes and Apple. (Everything Bagel? Happy Thanksgiving!)

In case you’re wondering how this curious mash-up came to be, consider that Campbell’s has always been part of the Thanksgiving spread in many homes. Its cream of mushroom soup is a central ingredient in recipes for green bean casserole.

But where does Phillip Ashley enter the picture? The answer is that the chocolatier, which is based in Memphis, has a history of making what might be termed iconoclastic chocolates. Previous collections have included candies tasting of collards and other down-home savory dishes.

If you’d like to serve the Holiday Sides Collection to your Thanksgiving guests this year, you can order it here. The cost is $35, though the chances of it reaching you in time for the holiday are a little iffy.