An Ice Cream that Tastes Like Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Turkey Day Fixin’s ice cream (Image: Baskin-Robbins))

Move over, turkey-flavored candy, turkey-and-gravy-flavored soda, and turkey pizza. Make way for Baskin-Robbins’s contribution to this year’s Thanksgiving repast: Turkey Day Fixin’s ice cream.

The chain attempts to justify the flavor by asking rhetorically, “Why do we call Thanksgiving “Turkey Day” when we all know the sides are just as important?”

They then answer their own question:

Our answer: Turkey Day Fixin’s. It’s everything you look forward to about Thanksgiving (minus the suspicious casseroles) all in one scoop. Whether you’re serving up the perfect surprise at Thanksgiving or trying to spice up your Friendsgiving, this scoop will add something interesting and delicious to your traditions.

The flavor, which combines sweet potato and autumn spice ice creams with honey cornbread pieces and cranberry sauce swirls, doesn’t sound all that bad, but how many foods do we need to ingest on the holiday that taste like turkey — besides turkey itself?

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