Live scallop steak with seaweed butter and horseradish paste (Image: Noma)

Talk about lightning in a bottle! Noma, currently the No. 1-ranked restaurant according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants — its fifth time to earn that distinction, don’tcha know — will host a limited-engagement pop-up in Dumbo next month. And when they say “limited,” they mean limited, as in lasting five days beginning on May 16 and ending five short days later on the 20th. The celebrated three-Michelin-starred Copenhagen restaurant will serve 50 guests each of the nights. Dinners will encompass nine courses, including beverage pairings and service. The cost? A not-too-shabby $700, before tax.

René Redzepi, Noma’s chef and founder, promises he will “do something with cauliflower and truffles and waffles,” according to Bloomberg, adding that the majority of the menu will focus on what’s in season “from a spring perspective.”

Even if you’re willing to dip into your kids’ college fund to finance the rarefied evening, don’t think for a minute that snagging a table will be easy. First of all, the Copenhagen original has a waitlist in the thousands. Second, the pop-up is in partnership with the American Express Platinum Card, and reservations are available only to holders of that card, the Centurion card, the Delta SkyMiles Reserve card, or the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire card. Reservations, via Resy, will go live on Wednesday, Apr. 27, at noon, EST.

The pop-up will be held in a specially built venue at 26 Bridge Street.