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Jade Sixty, a much-anticipated “Asian-inspired” steak house, has finally opened on the Upper East Side. But some were skeptical that it would, following a New York Times write-up by Florence Fabricant in late December.

It wasn’t Fabricant’s words that readers found offensive. Rather, it was the photograph that accompanied the text. See if you can pick out the problem in the reproduction of the image that appears in the following tweet:

You’ll notice that the commenter mentioned the chopstick placement, which he and other Twitter users found culturally insensitive. In Japanese culture, placing chopsticks in an upright manner — as in the picture — as an indicator that someone has died.

Here are a couple more responses:

Not everyone’s beef (pun intended) was a response to the upright placement of the chopsticks but to their implied use with respect to the steak:

Meantime, the steak offerings appear pretty varied and the prices a cut below the current market, starting at $49 for an 18-ounce prime New York strip to $54 per person for an aged prime porterhouse for two.

You will find potatoes among the sides offered, though these undergo an Asian twist: Mashed potatoes are infused with wasabi, and the hash browns are seasoned with garlic and ginger.

Jade Sixty, 116 E. 69th Street, 212-256-1929.