The '1904' (Image: MTA)

Talk about your strange bedfellows. Katz’s Delicatessen has teamed up with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and New York-based Italian sandwich purveyor Alidoro to create a sandwich in commemoration of the New York City Subway’s 118th anniversary. The limited-edition sub is on sale at four Alidoro locations in Manhattan through Oct. 31.

Named the ”1904″ for the year the subway opened, the sandwich consists of Katz’s pastrami on a fresh seeded rye baguette with garlic confit, a Dijon mustard coleslaw mixed with Calabrian pepper jam, and aged provolone.

The sub’s wrapper is imprinted with a mock-up of a city subway map that highlights the stops closest to Alidoro’s locations. The sandwich sells for $14, but for an additional $3 you can have it as part of a lunchbox deal that includes a cookie and potato chips. Customers who opt for the lunchbox will have a chance to win $50 in transit fares.

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