Image: Van Leeuwen and Ollie

No, for real. Van Leeuwen, the Brooklyn-based ice cream brand famous for its offbeat flavors, which have included Hidden Valley Ranch and Dijon Mustard, has partnered with dog food brand Ollie to launch its first-ever ice cream for dogs.

The cool treat for Fido is non-dairy and based on a banana and peanut butter formula that is equal parts sweet and savory.

The new offering goes on sale starting today at Van Leeuwen scoop shops and at most Petco locations. In addition, the partners are planning a series of ice cream truck events from coast to coast to celebrate the release. The first stop, which is scheduled for June 1, will be held in Washington Square Park here in New York City, followed by a stop in Union Square on June 2. Canine attendees will get a chance to taste the new product, and their human “parents” will receive free scoops of Van Leeuwen faves (which I assume does not include Dijon mustard-flavored.)

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