Image: Russ & Daughters and Morgenstern's

2024 is rapidly becoming the Summer of the Bagel. The explosion of new and spun-off bagel emporia that had begun a year earlier has continued apace.

The season also brought with it some new chilly collabs, such as the the Museum of Ice Cream and Ess-A-Bagel’s joint effort, the “Ice-a-Bagel” — a mini pink bagel sandwiching a  generous dollop if Philadelphia cream cheese gelato.

Enter the latest addition to the Summer of the Bagel, the Russ & Daughters Ice Cream Collection. The components, a marriage of Jewish bakery ingenuity and Morgenstern’s Ice Cream, will set you back a cool $110. They include:

  • Two Sesame Bagel Ice Cream Sandwiches in which the role (roll?) of the toasted sesame bagel is played by a sesame cookie, the cream cheese by cream cheese ice cream;
  • Two 5-Layer Halvah Ice Cream Bar — Russ & Daughters classic 7 layer halvah, made with vegan chocolate and halvah ice cream and chocolate fudge, dipped in dark chocolate;
  • Two Chocolate Babka Ice Cream Pops — ice cream coated in R & D’s classic chocolate babka crumbs and dipped in dark chocolate.

Note that the ice cream ships once weekly every Tuesday for Wednesday delivery on orders placed by Monday at noon EST.

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