Image: 16 Handles

We’ve had ice cream in every imaginable flavor, from Dijon mustard to turkey stuffing to pizza. After digesting all of these combinations (some of which went down hard!), it’s almost anticlimatic to announce that froyo chain 16 Handles has come out with french fry frozen yogurt.

The flavor, which is being offered for a limited time, manages to be both sweet — which you would expect of a frozen dessert — and salty … which you would not.

“We’re all about making people smile,” 16 Handles CEO Neil Hershman is quoted as saying in a news release, adding:

Since we are experts when it comes to ice cream machines, we had some extra laughs with the marketing on this launch by poking fun at a big fast-food chain known for their broken ice cream machines. French fries and frozen yogurt go surprisingly well, and the flavor really has that ‘wow’ factor.

You can judge for yourself by stopping in at any of the eight area locations through July.

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