Jelly Doughnuts May Have Met Their Match

Guava cream cheese doughnut (Image: Dough Doughnuts)

If you’re a fan of jelly doughnuts — and who isn’t? — prepare for an attitude adjustment. Dough Doughnuts, which first appeared on our radar in March 2020 when they came out with the doughnutaschen and then earned a permanent place in my heart for providing free doughnuts to front-line healthcare workers battling COVID in its early days, is back in the headlines. This time, the mini-chain known for its unusual doughnut flavors (think Cannoli Cream with Pistachios or Margarita), has invited Cuban cook and recipe writer Marisel Salazar to share her recipe for guava and cream cheese doughnuts. Those who recall New York in the 1970s may remember that Mexican restaurants offered only two desserts: flan and guava shells with cream cheese, the latter accompanied by saltines. Suffice it to say it’s a winning combination, which is known throughout the Latin world.

Salazar’s guava and cream cheese doughnuts are based on a classic brioche dough, which is filled with guava jelly and finished with a semi-sweet cream cheese glaze. The confection will not only evoke the ’70s but bring a wide grin to your face. If the infectious balance between sweet and tart isn’t enough motivation to try one, be aware that a portion of the proceeds from all sales of the doughnut will benefit the New York City-based Cornelia Connelly Center, a school for under-resourced girls.

The doughnuts, which sell for $4.95 apiece, are available only through November, so waste no time getting to one of Dough’s four locations: 37 W. 48th Street, Manhattan; 14 W. 19th Street, Manhattan; 646 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn; and 21-70 31st Street, Astoria. The doughnuts can also be ordered through Goldbelly.

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