You Don’t Have to Be Jewish to Celebrate Purim. And This Treat Might Give You a Reason

Doughnutaschen (Image: Dough Doughnuts)

Purim, which falls this year on March 9 and 10, is a holiday on the Jewish calendar celebrated by exchanging gifts of food and drink. Among the most popular of the sweets enjoyed are hamantashen, fruit or poppy seed-filled pocket pastries with a distinctive triangular shape associated with Haman, the villain in the Purim story.

You can find these pastries virtually anywhere in New York in the days leading up to Purim. Not so the variation on the theme known as doughnutaschen. This variation, in which the pastry is replaced by doughnut dough, is the brainchild of doughnut maker Dough Doughnuts, which will be offering doughnutaschen exclusively at its bakeries.

The limited-edition sweet comes in two flavors created by Bethany Costello Dough’s Michelin-starred pastry chef, one with raspberry jam, the other with apricot jam. They will be available at the chain’s three New York City locations (19th Street, City Kitchen, and UrbanSpace) from March 8 through March 10. While quantities are limited, Dough will be accepting special orders at its flagship 19th Street location.