Image: L'industrie Pizzeria

If you’re planning to tie the knot this Valentine’s Day — and what more romantic date could there be? — why not consummate your vows at a location that has special meaning for you and your betrothed? If that special place happens to be L’industrie Pizzeria in Williamsburg, so much the better. It just so happens that L’industrie is inviting couples who love pizza as much as each other to get hitched on the premises on Feb. 14.

The vows will be administered by Honeybreak Officiants. The ceremony will last 10 minutes and will include a license signing. At the “reception” afterward at the restaurant’s heated outdoor space, the newlyweds will tuck into two gourmet pizzas and a sundae. The cost of the event is $600. (Yes, you read that right.)

Spots are going fast, but you can still reserve yours at Open Table.

254 S. 2nd Street, Brooklyn, 718-599-0002.

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