Chef Sungchul Shim (Image: Instagram)

“I started cooking back in 1999 and came to New York to experience everything related to the restaurant industry in the Big Apple.” So wrote Chef Sungchul Shim in an Instagram post in May of 2021 that acknowledged receipt of a Michelin star for his first modern Korean restaurant, Kochi.

Since then the energetic chef has gone on to enjoy the experience of owning two Big Apple Michelin-starred restaurants (Mari, his second, earned its star this year) and now he is ready for his next New York challenge. And what could be more challenging in New York than opening a steakhouse?

And a large steakhouse at that. GUI, which translates to “grill” in Korean, will occupy the block-long space on Eighth Avenue between W. 47th and W. 48th Streets vacated during the pandemic by Staples.

The menu is described as having a Korean format but will not feature tableside grilling. What it will serve is a question destined to remain unanswered for the time being since the restaurant is not scheduled to open until late 2023 or early 2024.

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