Red Hots for Nighthawks in Brooklyn

A hot dog with chili crisp (Image: Glizzy’s)

A city that doesn’t sleep needs solutions to feed its denizens who are awake at all hours, whether by dint of employment (they have an all-night job) or misfortune (they have insomnia). Glizzy’s NYC, which opened last week in Williamsburg, is the latest to provide that service, at least on weekends, when the store remains open till 4 a.m. (Weeknights it closes at midnight.)

Glizzy’s, which traffics exclusively in glizzies (a slang term for “hot dogs” — live and learn), provides an extensive list of toppings, including chili crisp, chili cheese, gochujang ketchup, and kimchi, alongside more familiar enhancements. The house also offers 11 custom creations for the hopelessly indecisive.

Glizzy’s is strictly no frills, offering little more by way of creature comforts than a counter along one wall to scarf down your red hots. But seriously now — who would have it any other way? Glizzy’s NYC, 390 Metropolitan Avenue (near Havemeyer St.), Brooklyn.