Image: 8282

According to the website of the Korean restaurant 8282, “The name 8282 refers to Korea’s country code, +82, and has an additional meaning: The numbers, when read together, translate to a phrase that means ‘quickly’ or ‘faster.'” Don’t misconstrue that as an indication that the restaurant serves fast (or even “fast casual”) food. The kitchen is quite serious about the dishes it turns out.

These include grilled octopus in a bell pepper purée accompanied by roasted squash. Galbi, which is made with beef short ribs in most New York Korean restaurants, is rendered here with pork — and Iberico pork at that.

8282 recently launched a soju and cocktail program to complement the food. Among the latter you will find a “Miss Mija-O,” made with and garnished with omija berries. Playfulness again.

8282, 84 Stanton Street, 929-837-0360.

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