What the World Needs Now: A Beer Infused with Pot

If Miller Brewing Company had come up with it, they might have called it “Miller Higher Life.” It’s made instead by California-based Heineken subsidiary Lagunitas, which has cultivated a following for its iconoclastic takes on traditional beer styles and offbeat marketing. What sets this beer apart from other gimmicky brews (such as the one recently profiled here that is made with vaginal microbes added to mimic the “scent of a woman”) is that this one is scented with the aromatic compounds found in cannabis.

According to a promotional video (below), when poured, “SuperCritical” (as the product is called) fills the room with the scent of a college dorm room ca. 1965.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your outlook), tastes and aromas can be deceiving: SuperCritical may smell like pot, but the brew contains no actual THC. Rather, it is made with terpenes, the organic compound that gives marijuana its pungent odor. (By the way, terpenes are extracted from insects, which secrete the compounds to fend off predators.)

At present, SuperCritical can be found only at select bars in California.