Shake Shack's black truffle burger and parmesan garlic fries with black truffle sauce (Image: Shake Shack)

If you’re in New York and you want a burger with black truffles, where would you go? One answer to that question is Daniel Boulud’s DB Bistro, where the house’s signature DB burger is stuffed not only with truffle slices but foie gras.

But another answer has emerged, and it is somewhat surprising: Shake Shack. From tomorrow through January 10, 2022, the nationwide chain will be selling a black truffle burger. In addition to black truffle sauce, the sandwich will be blanketed with Gruyère cheese and fried shallots and is served on a toasted potato bun. If you’re really flying, the Shack’s crispy crinkle-cut fries can be had with garlic Parmesan cheese and a side of the black truffle sauce.

The really surprising part of the promotion is the prices. Whereas Boulud collects a cool $35 for each copy of his fancy-schmantzy burger, the price tag on Shake Shack’s black truffle burger is a modest $8.79. And the parmesan garlic fries with truffle sauce will set you back another $4.79.

How is Danny Meyer, the brains behind the chain, able to keep the cost so low? That, he will tell you, is a trade secret.

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