Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake Open a Sports Bar in Midtown

Image: T-Squared Social

I’ve often wondered whether contemporary sports bars — the kind that feature participatory sports, not just TV broadcasts of sporting events — were first conceived by an adult who hated being told as a child to finish his dinner before going out to play. I’m not suggesting that Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake were problem eaters, but the new joint venture to which they have lent their names, T-Squared Social, is a kid’s dream come true.

In addition to televised games, there are golf simulators (Full Swing, no less), duckpin bowling, and darts, to name a few. And when you get thirsty there are cocktails cocktails such as the “8am Tee Time ‘Roni,” concocted with Nolet’s Gin, Aperol, 1757 Vermouth Rosso, and La Colombe Bowery Blend. The food menu runs the gamut from salads and sandwiches to flatbreads, charcuterie boards, and light bites such as pork belly & popcorn and adult profiteroles in which the ice cream is laced with bourbon.

T-Squared Social, 7 E. 42nd Street (within the grand lobby of Emigrant Savings Bank), 332-867-0810.

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