This Jewish New Year Serve Your Guests Cacio e Pepe Noodle Kugel Courtesy of WoodSpoon

Alon Hadar's cacio e pepe noodle kugel

Another year on the Jewish calendar is winding down, with the High Holidays beginning at sundown on Sept. 25. If responsibility for assembling the family meal on Rosh Hashanah falls on your shoulders and you and yours are tired of the same old same old, here’s an invitation to cook — and eat — outside the box.

On Sept. 21 at 7 p.m., “Home Chef” Alon Hadar will be conducting a live virtual Rosh Hashanah cooking class on Instagram during which he will prepare, among other novel dishes, kubbeh matzo balls and cacio e pepe noodle kugel. The class will be free.

If you’re wondering about the title ascribed to Hadar in the previous paragraph, Home Chef is a term created by WoodSpoon, a company that provides a platform through which aspiring restaurant chefs can cook homestyle meals, which are delivered to consumers’ doors. Many of the Home Chefs hail from areas of the globe beyond the U.S. borders and cook their native dishes. Hadar, as a case in point, is from Israel but currently lives in Brooklyn. His professional cooking credentials in New York include work as one of the chefs at Homemade by Miriam in Tribeca.

Like other of the 300-plus WoodSpoon HomeChefs, Hadar joined the organization to have more freedom to express his culinary passion.

To sign up for the gratis cooking class, log on to WoodSpoon’s Instagram account.

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