Spam Turns 80; British Plant-Based Burger Joint Comes to Nolita

Image: Hormel Foods

It’s the ultimate mystery meat, although you’d have a hard time convincing Hawaiians that it’s not ono (“delicious” in the local vernacular). It’s Spam, and it was invented 80 years ago at the height of the Great Depression. There is probably no food that so few people have tasted that is the butt of so many jokes.

A question that has long been on the minds of foodies is what the name means. One popular guess is that it is short for “spoiled ham.” As it turns out, the name, which was dreamed up by the brother of an executive at Hormel Foods, the company behind the product, is a mashup of spiced and ham.

British Plant-Based Burger Joint Comes to Nolita

If your friends across the pond have been raving about the plant-based burger sensation that is springing up all over Britain, here is your chance to sample it for the cost of a subway ride. It’s called neat burger, and it will cater to all of your fast food cravings, with non-meat versions of burgers, a crispy chick’n sandwich, and a few items you won’t find at other fast food restaurants hereabouts, such as a patty melt, chopped cheez, BBQ stack, and a buffalo chick’n sandwich. Prices begin at $5.99 (for a grilled cheez) to $13.99 for a chopped cheez.

neat burger, 25 Cleveland Place.

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