Restaurants with Bottomless Brunches Now Fining Customers Who Hurl


We first reported back in 2021 about the new “game” that had sprung up in local brunch venues where for an agreed-upon fee, you could see how many brunch cocktails you could down in the space of an hour. The phenomenon, known as bottomless brunch (or alternatively AYCD, short for “all you can drink”) is essentially a grown-up version of the chugalug contests still popular on college campuses.

But now comes word that some restaurants that offer the challenge are looking to renege on the agreement. An article at the website of San Francisco ABC affiliate KGET notes that some Bay Area restaurants are imposing a $50 cleaning fee on customers who lose their lunch after overindulging.

A sign posted at popular Oakland brunch spot Kitchen Story warns diners who indulge in any of the restaurant’s five varieties of bottomless mimosas to “drink responsibly and know your limits.”

What makes the practice odious is that the entire enterprise is designed to encourage customers to overindulge. The responsibility for cleaning up in aisle 4 rests squarely with management, who are the ones who set up the challenge in the first place.

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