Protesters Stage Sit-In at Cheesecake Factory in Queens

Image via Instagram

You might think a protest against a restaurant with “cheesecake” in its name might be related to the current cream cheese drought, which among other things has caused Junior’s in Brooklyn to suspend production of its signature cakes. But in fact, the roughly forty malcontents who stormed the restaurant in Queens Center mall on Tuesday at 7 p.m. were angry over another development in the news. All were anti-vaxxers who insisted on service despite their refusal to present proof of vaccination.

The manager of the restaurant summoned police, who ordered the demonstrators to vacate the premises, but the protesters hung tough, holding their ground for nearly three hours. Police finally arrested about a half dozen people, as the others dispersed though not before threatening a lawsuit.

Although cheesecake was not on the miscreants minds, it did figure metaphorically in an ad they placed on Instagram in the days leading up to the sit-in, which shows Mayor Bill de Blasio embedded in a slice of cheesecake.

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