Image: YouTube screen grab via Kraft

I can’t think of anyone I know who bakes cheesecake for the holiday. But if you do, Kraft (of Philly Cream Cheese fame) will pay you $20 to bake or buy a different dessert.

The goal of the company isn’t entirely clear to me. Yes, there is currently a cream cheese shortage, but what skin it is off Kraft’s nose if some shopper is lucky enough to find a brick of the cheese and uses it?

Whatever the motivation, Kraft is willing to hand over $20 to 18,000 shoppers who take part in what amounts to a contest. The rules are outlined here.

In the meantime, the effects of the cream cheese shortage have not been limited to consumers. As the New York Times notes, in December, Brooklyn cheesecake institution Junior’s was forced to suspend cheesecake production after deliveries from Kraft stopped coming.