McDonald’s News from Abroad; McDonald’s News Here at Home

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“I now pronounce you McHusband and McWife.”

If you and your betrothed have longed to hear those words spoken at your nuptials and you love Chicken McNuggets as much as each other — and (big and) you happen to reside in Indonesia here is your chance to have McDonald’s cater your wedding.

According to The Sun, the basic “Happiness Party” package includes the space rental for two hours, invitations, balloons, and, of course the food: 100 Chicken Burgers and 100 orders of four-piece Chicken McNuggets, plus a tiered apple pie “cake.” The cost? 3.5 million Indonesian Rupiahs, roughly $230.


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McDonald’s News Here at Home

For a limited time, McDonald’s restaurants here in New York will be cranking up the Scoville Heat Units on its offerings. The Daily News reports that the chain will be selling “a spicier, zestier and cheesier version of the Quarter Pounder with Cheese (QPC)” and will be releasing a Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon QPC and Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Double QPC.

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