Taco Bell to Host a Wedding in the Metaverse

Image: Yum Brands

Weddings are nothing new to Taco Bell. The branch of the fast food chain on the Strip in Las Vegas has been performing the rite of passage for customers who love the food as much as each other since 2017.

Unfortunately, limiting the ceremonies to that one location has come as a slight to the rest of the country. Suppose, for example, you live in one of the five boroughs or, for that matter, in Keokuk or Ypsilanti and have dreams of a TB wedding ceremony.

If that’s the case, Yum Brands, the parent company of Taco Bell, has some good news for you. From now through Sept. 6, the company is holding a contest, the lucky winners of which will be able to say their “I do’s” at Taco Bell … kind of. That is, the wedding will take place in the metaverse — more specifically in the Ethereum blockchain-backed Decentraland. The winning couple will receive wedding attire for their avatars, Taco Bell swag, and a party in virtual reality (or live-streamed for the technologically averse). Advice from the home planet on how to make a stand-out video can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Couples interested in entering should submit a video entry via Instagram, Tik Tok, or Twitter with the hashtag #TacoBellMetaverseWeddingContest and tag @tacobell. The virtual wedding event will be by invitation only, with wedding guests receiving NFT invitations.

(h/t Nation’s Restaurant News)

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