Manhattan’s First Vodka Distillery Since Prohibition Opens in Chelsea

Our/New York

‘Tis the season for firsts on New York’s spirit scene. In October, I informed readers of the arrival in NoHo of the Great Jones Distilling Co, aka Manhattan’s first whiskey distillery since Prohibition. Now a new contender for your spirit dollar has sprung up in Chelsea. Its name, which is also its product brand, is Our/New York, and it is staking claim to being Manhattan’s first vodka distillery since Prohibition. (Notice the subtle distinction.)

Like Great Jones Distilling, Our/New York has a bar on the premises, where, according to the website, you can sample the wares both straight up and in fanciful craft cocktails such as the Our/Brooklyn Bridge: Our/New York Vodka paired with St. Agrestis Amaro, Mike’s Hot Honey, Bitter Hearts Club Bitters, vanilla liqueur, Goslings Ginger Beer, nutmeg, and branded orange rind. Order an Our/Empire Mule — their vodka with lime juice and Goslings Ginger Beer — and $1 of  the proceeds go to an LGBTQ charity. All signature cocktails are $18. There are also bar snacks available for purchase — hummus, popcorn, and a grilled cheese made with Murray’s cave-aged Gruyère — to help you renew your capacity.

Of its vodka, which can be purchased on site or via local retailers, the distillery insists its small-batch product is “made for New Yorkers,” then in the same breath asserts paradoxically that it is “unlike any other vodka you have ever tasted.”

Our/New York was founded by Dave of Dave’s Quality Meats.

Our/New York, 151 W. 26th Street, 212-725-6516.

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