Image: Hill Country

America’s love affair with barbecue in its many guises has never been stronger. At this point in the genesis of all things cooked low and slow in the presence of smoke, setting aside a special day of observance is like carrying charcoal to Newcastle.

Besides which, in addition to National BBQ Day, it’s also Monday, and as Howard Portnoy noted in his two-part feature on the best all-you-can-eat locations in New York, Hill Country in NoMad pays homage to this all-American mode of cooking every Monday with an all-you-can-eat pig-out. Granted, the price has jumped from $32 to $39 in the six months since the feature ran, but we can thank inflation for that. Not to mention, when brisket is this tender and ribs are as fall-off-the-bone succulent, Mondays at Hill Country is still a steal.

Hill Country, 30 W. 26th St, New York, 212-255-4544.

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