Indian Food, Classic and Cutting-Edge, Comes to Long Island City

Image: Rang

Abishek Sharma, the creative force behind the Indian restaurants Madam-Ji, Swagat, and Badshah to-Go, has headed to the boroughs for his latest effort. The restaurant Rang, is scheduled to open in Long Island City next Monday, Aug. 15.

The date happens also to be India’s Independence Day, and appropriately visitors to Rang will find the menu liberating in its approach to the Indian palette. An appetizer of corn tossed with amul ghee and crispy strings of okra receives a jolt from the peppery Mexican spice blend Tajin. Long horn peppers stuffed with masala potatoes are beer-battered and fried, forming the basis of an unorthodox pakora.

Main courses include a biryani featuring chicken, shrimp, goat, fish, boiled egg, and lamb chop ― a recipe the chef borrowed from his dad, Lala, a celebrated chef in his own right.

For dessert, there is a malai kulfi dipped in mango mousse and dressed with a pistachio-almond crumble.

Rang, 11- 03 44th Avenue, Long Island City, 718-406-9338.

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