(Image: Good Dee brownie mix)

So far in our series on guilt-free snacks during the coronavirus pandemic, we have reported on two products that are ready to eat. Today’s report focuses on yet another baked good, except in this case some assembly is required.

But before we plunge into the particulars, introductions are in order. Say hello to Good Dee (aka Deana Karim), the founder and creator behind Good Dee’s line of sugar-, gluten-, and grain-free products. Many items are also dairy-free where that is a concern.

The two mixes we sampled, like other Good Dee’s products, are both also low in calories, carbs, and fat while returning big dividends in the flavor department.

First up and certainly the most compelling for fellow chocaholics is Dee’s chocolate brownies. The mix includes everything but eggs and 1/3 cup of the fat of your choice. The recipe provides two options — one for cakey brownies, the other for dense fudgie brownies. The determinants are the number of eggs and the baking time.

Our impression was uniformly positive, though several of our tasters detected a slight aftertaste that dissipated when the product was sampled again several hours later. Speaking of which, the package warns that the brownies must cool completely before serving: Else they’re prone to crumbling. We can’t emphasize enough how critical this warning is. In fact, we advise waiting even longer, which, granted, can be a real problem when the kitchen is filled with the aroma of chocolate.

We also sampled a basic muffin mix, which unfortunately no longer seems to be on the Good Dee’s website. Again, the mix includes everything you need except for eggs and fat. The batter tasted a little flat, however, and we decided to go in with one mashed ripe banana and 1/4 cup of chopped walnuts. The result was addictive — some of the best banana nut muffins we’ve ever tasted.

Dee’s products don’t come cheaply. The brownie mix, for example, which fills an 8-inch square brownie pan, will set you back $11.99. That’s a lot to pay for 16 small brownies. But when you consider what you are not putting into your body, the investment seems worthwhile.

Incidentally shipping is free on orders of $60 or more.

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