Ratan Banik collecting his pound of flesh for Domino's

Et tu, Domino’s? Anyone who has considered dining out in and Times Square on New Year’s Eve knows, restaurants tend to jack up their prices. As AppleEats noted in a 2017 New Year’s Eve roundupBuca di Beppo, an ordinarily moderately priced family-style Italian restaurant at Broadway and 45th, was asking a minimum of $369 a head for the privilege of watching the ball drop.

But Domino’s? As the New York Post observed on Dec.31:

An enterprising Midtown Domino’s pizza restaurant is cashing in on the Times Square ball drop  — hawking pies to ravenous New Year’s Eve revelers and flipping them for a serious profit.

“I have a lot of orders. I’m very busy,” delivery guy Ratan Banik told The Post while juggling a large stack of pizzas on Tuesday afternoon, speculating he’d sold about 25 pies.

The man was hawking pepperoni, ham and cheese pizzas for $30 — more than double what a regular $14.49 large cheese pie costs at Domino’s — and was still run off his feet.

This year wasn’t particularly cold as New Year’s Eves in New York go, but the captive clientele waiting all day in the cordoned-off area still deserved better than a 100% markup on their dinner.

Apparently, the Domino’s in question has been taking advantage of hungry revelers for the last 15 years.

I know some of my colleagues here say that the arrangement is a simple matter of supply and demand, but I say a pox on Domino’s.