El Gran Castillo de Jagua's mofongo with shrimp

In January, we dolefully reported that El Gran Castillo de Jagua, a greasy spoon that served homey renditions of Dominican favorites such as mofongo, had closed after 34 years. The restaurant, as we noted in our obit, was also part coffee shop and was perhaps the last place in New York where you could get a burger for $4.

Now, Eater writes, a sign in the window of the storefront that housed the restaurant informs that it is reopening on Apr. 1. Before fans of El Gran Castillo get busy with the rumors-of-its-death-have-been-exaggerated talk, bear in mind that other reported reopenings have turned out to be false starts. In early 2020, word that Gage & Tollner, the then-125-year-old downtown Brooklyn institution, was planning to reopen proved premature at least. The restaurant did eventually reopen the following April, but that has proved to be the exception, not the rule.

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